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Get Involved:  Project Solidarity

Become a sponsor and make a difference in the life of a child

Adoption From a Distance is…

  • An “open window” looking out upon the world 

  • a concrete action that destroys indifference and the rhetoric of idle talk

  • A steady and continual contribution to children robbed of their childhood and adolescence that will allow them to grow well within their own environment

  • A gesture of free sharing with whomever is in need, without taking them away from that which they love

  • An effective response to an awareness of the inalienable rights of others as an aid to building a better future

Give a smile… give love… give joy…

          To whomever is a victim of misery and ignorance

Sow hope and trust…
          For the future of families and society

How YOU can help:

  • With an Adoption at a Distance

  • With an offering to provide meals in our centers of hospitality for street children

  • With an offering for life-saving medicines

  • With a free offering for an area in particular need.

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